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151 Afflicted Daughter

In 1901 she is in the District Plymouth Asylum at Ugborough.
She is described as a pauper pateient, single, 41, Retired School Governess, a worker, born Plymouth [sic], Lunatic.

My 1911 she is still in the asylum( Plymouth Borough, Asylum, Blackadon, Ivybridge):
A.M. TOLL, Patient, 52, single, Governess, birthplace not known.
TOLL, Annie Middleton (I1052)
152 age "34" in 1861.
Has dau Ann TOLL aged 11 (born WARE) with them in 1861.
age "45" in 1871
has "dau" Maria TOLL aged 24 (born WARE) living with her in 1871. 
PAGE, Sarah Ann (I1800)
153 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3078)
154 aged 23 yrs
TALL, Hannah (I192)
155 AGNES TOLLE born ca 1852 Lewis County, Missouri; no record after 1860. TOLLE, Agnes (I4122)
156 aka Vivian Radeki TOLL, Vivian (I1230)
157 AKA "Mick" TOLL, Arthur George (I424)
158 aka Benjamin Emanuel

m. as "Benjamin"

TOLL, Benjamin Samuel (I1570)
159 aka Dora Emily 1877
m. 1904 Houghton, England 
TOLL, Dorothy Emily (I1648)
160 aka John Marchant TOLL
aka John Martin TOLL
Suspect he was illegitemate son of Ann Mosely Marchant,
who didn't marry John TOLL til 1837.

Died Unmarried
Not at home in 1841 
MARCHANT, John possibly Toll (I39)
161 AKA John of OTTERY (in Lamerton?) EDGCOMBE, John (I151)

Eldest son of Robert TOWLE
Richard TOLE responsible for part of church boundary 1630 & 1659
Richard 'TOWLE' had land in 'Elond Syde' after 1647 (but before 1661)

Richard was yeoman of Pavenham in 1624 Lay Subsidy Roll
Richard mentions Thomas TOLE the elder in his will.
Also mentions: Steventon; Oakey; Carlton; Fronchester
TOLE, Richard (I622)
163 ALBERT LEE TOLLE born 30 Sep 1881 in Denton County, Texas; married Estella Newman; died 3 Aug 1949 in Stephens County, Texas. TOLLE, Albert Lee (I4159)
164 ALEXANDER ROGER TOLLE (William5; Roger Jr4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Alexander Roger Tolle, son of Mary/Polly (Turner) and William Tolle, was born 22 Oct 1807 in Amherst County, Virginia. He married 21 Dec 1830 in Barren County, Kentucky to Mary Brumboc Rogers. He was found on the 1840 census of Barren County. He died of fever on 17 Apr 1844, and is buried in the Rogers Cemetery in Barren County. There is no stone.

The children of Mary Brumboc (Rogers) and Alexander Roger Tolle were:

JAMES POWELL TOLLE7 born 28 Nov 1831; married 1st Matilda Hamilton; 2nd Mary Elizabeth Hamilton.
WILLIAM ALEXANDER TOLLE7 born 6 Oct 1833; married Frances Ann Matthews.
SAMUEL HARVEY TOLLE7 born ca 1836; maried Nancy A. Sykes.
MARY ELIZABETH TOLLE7 born 11 Jul 1837; married Robert Franklin Burch.
AMANDA TOLLE7 born before 1840. died probably in her teens in the 1850s.
CYNTHIA A. TOLLE7 born ca 1842; married Byrd Nichols.
SUSAN A. TOLLE7 born ca 1844; died in her teens, after 1860. 
TOLLE, Alexander Roger (I3677)
165 ALEXANDER TOLLE (Roger4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Alexander Tolle, son of Sally/sarah (Simms) and Roger Tolle Jr, was born 10 Jul 1787 in Fauquier County, Virginia. His mother died at his birth. He was married to Sophia Bell on 29 Oct 1812 in Amherst County, Virginia. The consent was given by Sally Bell, and security and witness was George H. Bell. (It is possible that her parents were Samuel Bell & Sally Mitchell who were married in Amherst County on 17 Jan 1780).

Alexander served in the War of 1812 in the 5th Regiment of Virginia Militia. He was on the 1820 census of Campbell County, Kentucky. There is a record on file there in 1822, signed with his brother William, giving power of attorney to James Dillard to handle their claim to their father's Revolutionary War claims, and then he appeared on the 1824 tax rolls of Barren County, Kentucky. He was on the 1840 census of Barren County, Kentucky.

He died 27 Sep 1844 in Barren County, Kentucky and Sophia died 19 Jun 1853. They are buried at their home a half mile Northwest of Glasgow, in Barren County, Kentucky. A Suit of Equity in Barren County court dated 18 Jan 1854 lists his heirs.

The children of Sophia (Bell) and Alexander Tolle were:
SARAH FOWLER TOLLE6 born 23 Jan 1813 Campbell County, Virginia; married Andrew Neagle.
SILAS S. TOLLE6 born 10 May 1815 Campbell County, Virginia; married Catherine Neagle.
DAVID BELL TOLLE6 born 29 Aug 1817 Campbell County, Virginia; married Martha Emily Crews.
HARRIET BOWLING TOLLE6 born 4 Dec 1819 Campbell County, Virginia; married Davis B. Lumbert.
ELIZABETH ANN TOLLE6 born 10 Jul 1822 Campbell County, Virginia; married George Barton Harlan.
SAMUEL ROGER TOLLE6 born 19 Aug 1825 Barren County, Kentucky; married 1st Martha Campbell Smith; married 2nd Rachel A.E. Childress.
CAROLINE E.D. TOLLE6 born 25 Mar 1829 Barren County, Kentucky; She never married. She died 25 Apr 1862 Barren County, Kentucky.
MARTHA JANE TOLLE6 born 24 May 1831 Barren County, Kentucky; married James Barnett Gibbs.
JOHN THOMAS TOLLE6 born 14 Mar 1834 Barren County, Kentucky; married Mary W. Parish 
TOLLE, Alexander (I3638)
166 ALICE CATHERINE TOLLE born ca 1849; married George W. Gilbert. TOLLE, Alice Catherine (I3943)
167 ALICE DESTIMONY WILSON born 22 Feb 1857; no further data. WILSON, Alice Destimony (I3213)
168 Alice is shown as dau of James & Susan in 1819 bapt record.
Alice is with her father, James (75), in 1851. Therefore James born about 1776.
Jane is shown as dau of James & Elizabeth in 1841 bapt record.
Jane is with her father, James (75), in 1851. Therefore James born about 1776.

From the above, James (1776) was first married to Susan (before 1819) and then to Elizabeth (before 1841). This fits with the marriages in 1800 (to Susanna TOLL) and 1837 (to Elizabeth POOLE). However, it excludes James TOLL (1781) who was previously thought to have married Susanna.

James is recorded as a pauper in 1851 
TOLL, James (I236)
169 ALICE M. KING born ca 1879; married a man named May. KING, Alice M (I3896)
170 ALICE V. TOLE born about 1867 Perry County, Tennessee. She was married 5 Jan 1896 in Perry County, Tennessee to W.M. Tatum. no further data.
TOLE, Alice V (I3265)
171 alive 1660 TOLE, Elizabeth (I1115)
172 Alive 1958. Unclear if this is the son Fred Toll mentioned in Brain Carroll's book (pages 4 & 9). TOLL, William H (I962)
173 alive @ 1861 TOLL, Sarah Ann (I873)
174 alive in 1820
"Of Portman Place, Edgware, Mdx" 
TOLL, John (I1034)
175 All I know is that the family lived in New Guinea.
I have 7 photos that show possible 3 sons & 2 daughters; could be more. We believe that the family did return to Australia but that's all we know. There was a rift between Nana & Mina that was never healed. Nana would very rarely mention her. I have 8 photos of the King family. 
GILLILAND, Whilheimina [Mina] Mary (I2093)
176 ALLEN E. NEAGLE7 born ca 1850; married REBECCA R. TOLLE a sceond cousin. NEAGLE, Allen E (I3872)
177 ALLEN LIVINGSTON TOLLE born 14 Jan 1831; married Susan F. Petty. TOLLE, Allen Livingstone (I3720)
178 ALLENE P. TOLLE7 born Dec 1869; buried in Lee Cemetery in Mason County, Kentucky. TOLLE, Allene P (I4250)
179 ALMARINE POWELL NEAGLE born Aug 1849; married John N. West or Welch. NEAGLE, Almarine Powell (I3927)
180 Almost certainly married as William R TOLL in q4 1920 in Hitchin RD. TOLL, Robert William (I937)
181 Almost certainly s/o Thomas TOLD/TOLE TOULE, John (I598)
182 ALONZO CARLTON McDUFFEE born in 1874 in Harrison County, Kentucky. He marriedn on 10 Oct 1900 to Sally Lail, daughter of T.H. Lail. His second marriages was to Ollie Dora Cassidy, daughter of Priscilla (Brady) and Owen Boone Cassidy He had 5 children surnamed McDUFFEE: Arthur, Dorothy, Charles Butler, Woodrow Wilson, and Minnie. He died on 5 May 1936 in Jeferson County, Kentucky and is buried in the Paris Cemetery in Borubon County Kentucky. MCDUFFEE, Alonzo Carlton (I3333)
183 ALONZO D. TOLLE born 27 Apr 1860; died 10 Mar 1870 at age 10. TOLLE, Alonzo D (I4194)
184 ALONZO P. TOLLE also known as Lonnie; born about 1879. He was age 1 in the 1880 census of Allen County, Kentucky; married Virgie Matthews; lived in Christian County, Illinois in 1920.
TOLLE, Alonzo P ["Lonnie"] (I3818)
185 also know as Wallace TOLL. TOLL, William John (I694)
186 also spelt TOUL & TOWL in PR TOLE, Rachel (I1168)
187 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1241)
188 alternatively, Robert MORRIS MORRYS [MORRIS], Robert (I636)
189 ALVA SHERMAN TOLLE born 11 Apr 1887 Adams County, Ohio. He married before 1910 to Bessie Jeanalee Parks. She was born in 1889, daughter of Oscar C. Parks. Alva and Bessie had 11 children surnamed TOLLE: Hartzel Edward, Olen, George Milton, Murl, Denver Clinton, Mary Elizabeth, Florabell, Rosa Florence, Lloyd Ervin, William Perlee, and Joseph Leon. Bessie died in May 1953 and is buried in the Sugar Grove Cemetery in Wilmington, Ohio. Alva married again to Laura Leeth on 22 Jan 1957 at Waverly, Ohio. He died on 20 Mar 1965, and is buried in the Locust Grove cemetery in Franklin Township, Adams County, Ohio. (the tombstone reads 1886-1965) His second wife died 13 Aug 1969 and is buried in Springfield, Ohio. TOLLE, Alva Sherman (I3056)
190 ALVIE BENJAMIN TOLLE born 29 Apr 1879 in Brownsburg, Hendricks Co, IN. Married 29 Apr 1905 to Lenna Brosius. Lena was born 1 Sep 1886 in Knightstown, Indiana. She was the daughter of Elsie Naomi (DeGoyer) and John Phillp Brosius. Alvie & Lenna lived in Hendricks County, Indiana until sometime before 1905 where the first child was born in Marion County, and they were still there in the 1920 census. They had nine children surnamed TOLLE: 1 female name unknown born 3 Nov 1905, Mattie Irene, Fern Naomi, Opal Alma Myrtle Elizabeth, and Alvie Clay, Herbert Edward, Samuel Lee, and Mabel Marie. Alvie died 25 Apr 1960 and Lenna on 14 May 1966, both in Indianapolis, Indiana. Buried in the Indiana Round Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana. TOLLE, Alvie Benjamin (I4024)
191 ALVISE TOLLE born about 1875. He was age 5 in the census of Allen County, Kentucky; wife's name was Delia. He was living in Christian County, Illinois in 1920. He had a grandson named Alvise Fauterhaugle who was age 4 in 1920. TOLLE, Alvise (I3815)
192 ALZADA TOLLE7 (Nimrod D.6; George Jr5; George Sr4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Alzada Tolle, daughter of Sidney (Mallory) and Nimrod D. Tolle, was born 3 Apr 1855 in Lewis County, Missouri. She married Floyd Heavener on 26 Aug 1869. Floyd was son of Elizabeth (Collins) and Jacob Heavener Jr, born 1 Jan 1847 in Virginia. Alzada (Tolle) Heavener died 31 Dec 1911 in Hartford, Arkansas, and Floyd died there on 24 Feb 1936. They are buried in the Hartford Memorial Cemetery in Hartford, Sebastian County, Arkansas.

The children of Alzada (Tolle) and Floyd Heavener were:

LUCY ARETA HEAVENER8 born 25 Jan 1871 in Hartford, Arkansas; married Richard Harrison Statham Jr on 14 Feb 1885; they had 7 children surnamed STATHAM: Lillie B., Hillry H., Herman, William Harrison, Charles Fred, George henry, and Walter Sylvester; Lucy died 5 Sep 1952 and is buried in Hartford Memorial Cemetery in Sebastian County, Arkansas.
IDA HEAVENER8 born 23 Jan 1873 in Hartford, Arkansas; married Dr Ben Stone; buried in Hartford, Arkansas.
JAMES EDWARD HEAVENER8 (twin) born 8 Jul 1876 in Hartford, Arkansas.
CHARLES EDMON HEAVENER8 (twin) born 8 Jul 1876 in Hartford, Arkansas; died 4 Sep 1895 and buried in Hartford Memorial Park.
LINNIE HEAVENER8 born 14 Aug 1880 in Hartford, Arkansas; aka Lina; married a mean named Amis.
NATHANIEL HEAVENER8 born 23 Jul 1884 Hartford, Arkansas; died 2 Jan 1885 and buried in Hartford Memorial Cemetery.
MANUEL M. HEAVENER8 born 20 Mar 1887 in Hartford, Arkansas; wife's name was Morbra; died 19 Dec 1955 and buried in Hartford Memorial Cemetery.
ADA V. HEAVENER8 born 28 Feb 1889 in Hartford, Arkansas; married John W. White; died 20 Jun 1981 and buried in Hartford Memorial Cemetery.
RAY HEAVENER Sr8 born 4 Jan 1884 in Hartford Arkansas; married a woman named Nellie A.; died 2 May 1969 and buried in Hartford Memorial Park in Hartford, Arkansas.

1860 Federal Census of Denton County, Texas.
The major source of information on this family is Roy Statham Jr (Tolle Cousin #16) 
TOLLE, Alzada (I4125)
193 AMANDA ELLEN TOLLE born 24 Apr 1859 in Barren County, Kentucky; married before 1880 to Charles Joseph Sheffer; died in the 1940s. TOLLE, Amanda Ellen (I3775)
194 AMANDA TOLLE born before 1840. died probably in her teens in the 1850s. TOLLE, Amanda (I3822)
195 Amazella Elizabeth "Amy" Vederstrom Tolle
Birth: Dec. 17, 1866
Illinois, USA
Death: May 29, 1955
Los Angeles County
California, USA

Married Robert Samuel Tolle Oct 15 1884 at the age of 17

1955 29 May — Age: 88

Cemetery records has her listed as Amy Elizabeth Mc Manis.

According to the 1940 United States Federal Census Amy was married and living with John Mc Manis. Johns wife Mary had died after the 1930 Census which shows Mary Married to John so Amy & John married somewhere between 1930 & 1940.

California Death Index has her listed as Amy Elizabeth Mc Manis

Family links:
John P Vederstrom (____ - 1893)
Sarah E. Hudson Vederstrom (1846 - 1926)

John T. Mc Manis (1857 - 1940)
Robert Samuel Tolle (1861 - 1909)

Edwin Chester Tolle (1896 - 1919)*

*Calculated relationship

Rialto Park Cemetery
San Bernardino County
California, USA
Plot: Section D, Block 09, Plot 00, SubPlot 09

Created by: Cindy R
Record added: Sep 06, 2007
Find A Grave Memorial# 21402479
VEDERSTROM, Amazella E. (I4307)
196 AMBROSE DUDLEY TOLLE born 2 Jan 1820 Lewis County, Kentucky; He married 12 Apr 1854 to his cousin SUSAN E. TOLLE. She was the daughter of Lewis Tolle. They never had any children. He died after 1900 in Lewis County, Kentucky. TOLLE, Ambrose Dudley (I3982)
197 AMELIA ELLEN TOLLE (Jonathan Jr5; Jonathan4; Roger3; Tobias2; Roger1)

Amelia Ellen Tolle, daughter of Henrietta (Harn) and Jonathan Tolle Jr, was born about 1826, probably in Bourbon County, Kentucky. She married on 18 Dec 1842 in Brown County, Ohio to benjamin A. Whitaker. They were married by Squire Thomas Shelton, who was often referred to as the "Marrying Judge", but they had a second ceremony in Harrison County, Kentucky on 12 Jan 1843 which was performed by John R. Whitaker. At the present time, the death dates of Amelia and Benjamin are unknown. Very little is known about this family, and it has been constructed for this record by using the 1860 census.

The children of Amelia Ellen (Tolle) and Benjamin Whitaker were:

STAMPER WHITAKER7 born ca 1844.
BETTIE WHITAKER7 born ca 1845.
JOHN WHITAKER7 born ca 1847.
DENTON WHITAKER7 born ca 1849.
PINDELL WHITAKER7 born ca 1851.
SIMEON MC WHITAKER7 born 20 Mar 1852. 
TOLLE, Amelia Ellen (I1091)
198 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1313)
199 AMOS D. TOLLE born about 1831 Lewis County, Kentucky. He married a woman named Mildred Ann (maiden name unknown) and they apparently had no children. He was in DeWitt County, Illinois in 1860, but settled before 1863 in Wright County, Missouri. He died about 1890 at the age of 59, and his will was written 1 Apr 1890 and probated 4 May 1890 in Wright County, Missouri. TOLLE, Amos D (I4180)
200 an Infant burial TOLE, Timothy (I1169)

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